Letters to the Editor

Siskiyou Challenge was a huge success

The 2011 Siskiyou Challenge in Ashland was a smashing success on Saturday, Sept. 24.

Hundreds of people participated in a multi-sport relay (with road and mountain bikes, kayaks and running) for serious competitors, those out for a lark having fun in silly costumes with zany team names, and whole families with darling little kids doing the Fun Run together. Fabulous food was donated by great companies such as Standing Stone Brewery, Ashland Food Co-op and others nourished everyone. Foot-stomping music by Hamfist kept the day lively and fun, along with jugglers and door prizes galore.

There was a big kickoff barbecue the evening before to firm details and enjoy each other before the big race day. Volumes of volunteers made this event happen so seamlessly it all just seemed like one big party. Wait, it was one big party!

Get involved next year. I promise you'll be glad you did. I am, and wouldn't miss it for anything. Check out the website — just Google it. See you in 2012!

Patti Iverson


Why are protests not being covered?

Why is there little to no coverage in your newspaper of what is happening on Wall Street, and the unrest that is spreading so rapidly across this nation? What is going on is the most crucial uprising that this country will ever go through.

Simply put: We have had enough! With the methods, and in the dear spirit of Gandhi rising up against British rule and the dear spirit of Martin Luther King in his fight for equal rights in this country, we are taking this country back from the 1 percent that think they control it, and we are standing up nonviolently. We stand together. We will win. We must win.

Fear can only imprison us, so stand with us. Stand up, be counted and print the truth.

Doug Draime


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