Letters to the Editor

Protesters call for more than reform

Bravo to the occupiers of all the cities of America, and to our own. I think there are some points to be made at this time.

The first is to offer our pride in the courage, intelligence, and devotion that these protesters have displayed to the world.

The second point is the radical message that many of the protesters have put forth. It is not enough, they say, to reform the system. Many are calling for a structural organic shift from outmoded and dysfunctional capitalism to a new more cooperative democratic socialism.

Thirdly, we all as Americans should be ashamed and outraged by the brutality and unconstitutional attack on unarmed people who are hardly a match, even with the occasional rock and bottle, to a police force in full riot gear. Police forces brutal enough in places like Oakland to send an Iraq War veteran protestor to the hospital in a coma.

There is, of course, much more to say about this movement that has buoyed the spirits of us all and changed the dialogue in Main Street America. They are our heroes. We must all join them and support them in any way we can.

Cynthia Zavatski


Common sense needed in Congress

Which two state legislators from Southern Oregon are the most supportive of Oregon school children?

I asked this question to Morgan Allen, of the Oregon School Boards Association, in the regional meeting of school board members recently in Medford. Without hesitation he named Rep. Peter Buckley and Sen. Alan Bates. Then he added Rep. Dennis Richardson.

Parents, grandparents, neighbors of our region's children, remember these three names when we next vote for state officeholders. I wonder if any of them would be open to running for the U.S. House of Representatives? They seem to understand that our nation's budget needs both spending cuts and revenue increases to become solvent and legislators must compromise. Treadworn Rep. Greg Walden has demonstrated, along with the rest of the House Republicans, a stubborn unwillingness to practice this common sense.

Sam Alvord

board member, Pinehurst School District, Lincoln on the Greensprings

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