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Consider joining the Housing Commission

The Tidings recently ran a two-part series on the lack of affordable housing in Ashland, and specifically addressed how it impacts seniors. The articles focused on the complexes that have stopped accepting new affordable housing tenants.

The owners of these complexes had met their legal commitment to maintain affordability for 30 years, and made the decision to not renew their affordability agreements. As Ashland Housing Specialist Linda Reid stated, preservation of existing affordable housing is much easier than building new affordable units.

Given the state of the economy, many seniors are deciding to or are being forced to rent and need affordable housing. Our community is aging, and availability of senior housing will only become a bigger issue with longer waiting lists.

If you are concerned about housing affordability and want to work with like-minded people to consider strategies to bring more units to Ashland, consider joining the Ashland Housing Commission. Contact the mayor's office at 541-488-6002 for more information.

Regina Ayars, chairwoman, Ashland Housing Commission


Occupy Wall Street is a transformation

All over America people are witnessing the early hours of an enormous social and political transformation. Unprecedented, magnificent, exhilarating, yet still almost like a dream, as if a big carpet has been pulled out from under our feet and we find ourselves floating where we've never been before.

The Occupy Wall Street movement, started only a month ago by a small group of brave idealists, has spread to every big city in America and hundreds of smaller ones. The protest on Wall Street is the very center of the wheel of justice, the center of the revolution of consciousness that is seizing this nation, the revolution of awakening, of self-liberation, a revolution of the word and the courage to speak.

We are asking for a political agenda that says the common good is our common goal. We have many different grievances but are united in our demand for real change, for forceful progressive leadership and legislation that puts people ahead of profits, the good of the many ahead of the obscene gains of the few.

Over 1,600 cities have started their own occupations and each of these is a valuable part of the whole, a spoke in the great wheel which is starting to turn. As an Ashlander I am honored to be a part of Occupy Ashland. We may be the smallest spoke in the wheel, but every spoke makes the wheel stronger. Please come and join us, going on day 15, and be a part of history. Stop by and show your support, even if you can only spare a few minutes. We are the 99 percent.

Randy Dolinger


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