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Reports missed key moment in meeting

The Daily Tidings and Mail Tribune each failed to report on one of the main themes of the discussion at the Mt. Ashland Association Board of Directors annual public board meeting Monday night: the new LiDAR-based geology data and map images which provide valuable information for the Mount Ashland ski expansion design.

Julie Norman of GEOS Institute presented LiDAR imagery of the Mount Ashland area that is included in a 75-page report published in July 2011 by the Oregon State Department of Geology and Mineral Industries and is available on a DVD; to see a summary of this report, visit: www.oregongeology.org/pubs/ofr/p-0-11-11.htm.

The new mapping shows that numerous clearcuts for proposed new ski runs and ski lift equipment intersect with hazardous terrain that is "at risk for further slope movement," according to the report. After hearing several citizens raise concern for Ashland's watershed, I then heard several people, including MAA board members, skiers and one Forest Service representative pledge with a unified voice: "If we think that the proposed expansion will harm the watershed, we will not go through with it."

This is good news, worthy of reporting!

Deb Van Poolen


Why is Chris Honoré'swork not syndicated?

Chris Honoré writes such insightful, erudite, interesting, and provocative columns in the Daily Tidings that I wonder why he is not syndicated.

Maxine Scott


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