Letters to the Editor

Sticky-fingered knitter ruins it

Knitting is integral to my life. In the past, knitters were generous with knowledge and resources. Today, knitting is popular. Knitting can be social, and I created three stitching groups in Ashland to support the movement. I love to share my passion and help others interpret pattern.

Unfortunately, the bad apples ruin it for everyone. Someone is stealing knitting magazines from the Ashland library and tearing out patterns. Last night I read the fall 2011 issue of Vogue Knitting, and the pattern to a cape is missing. The pattern for the socks I want is also partially missing. How rude!

The thief may not read this message, but the magazine can be checked out with a library card to make copies at a shop, or the library has a copier on the second floor. Even better, buy your own subscription and tear the magazine at your leisure.

It is unfortunate that knitters are getting a bad reputation. The Ashland librarian I spoke to was surprised a knitter would steal. Whoever you are, you need to go back to kindergarten and learn how to share. Will you be wearing that newly made cape around town?

Jo Jenner


Police are working to solve murder

The recent letter from G. Lockie asking if our police department has been working on our local murder and not just writing traffic tickets has no idea how hard APD has been working on this.

The press reports have shown how Ashland has called in help from all across Oregon and the nation. The comment that their effort "is not clear in the news reports" shows that they haven't read the news reports. Our police department has been working 24/7 to solve this murder.

Writing tickets is also what we "pay them for," as that helps to keep all other drivers safe.

Donald Politis


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