Letters to the Editor

Fear not; spoils of war are on the way

In response to Paul Moss's letter published Friday, Dec. 16, I assume a typo on those killed in Iraq; since the war began it is 4,483.

I do not see in his letter any reference to the fact that one quarter of Iraqis are refugees, that hundreds of thousands are orphans suffering from malnutrition and uranium exposure. Systems of health, education, water and sewer remain in ruins.

Readers, take heart, however, as our shock doctrine shall soon reap its desired rewards. Bloomberg News reports Iraq is open for business: "Sami Al-Araji, chairman of the country's National Investment Commission, said, 'Iraq is open, Iraq is capable of offering the services you want"…' "

In his visit to Washington, Prime Minister Maliki told the the Chamber of Commerce in Washington, "The opportunities are unlimited "… Iraq wants American companies to help build roads, schools and hospitals, provide equipment and develop power grids."

Bloomberg reports Obama's talks with Maliki and meetings with other U.S. and Iraqi officials this week "are focused on economic development and increased oil production."

"Our goal is simply to make sure that Iraq succeeds," Obama said. The Bloomberg article concludes, "After several false starts through the years in establishing a group to represent American businesses in Iraq, the U.S. Chamber yesterday formally accredited the U.S. Business Council in Iraq in a ceremony. The group's board includes Exxon Mobil Corp., General Electric Co., Honeywell International Inc. and Dyncorp International Inc."

The spoils of war are on the way. It's just that Mr. Moss and I and 99 percent of Americans will not be the beneficiaries.

Andrew Seles


Thanks to Lithia Springs supporters

Each year, the Kiwanis Club of Ashland buys Christmas gifts for the girls and boys who reside at the Lithia Springs Schools in Ashland. Up to $600 is spent on clothing such as jackets and sweatshirts.

This year, several local writers donated to Kiwanis several books they have written so that they may be packaged along with the Kiwanis clothing items. On behalf of Kiwanis and the Lithia Springs Schools, I would like to thank these writers. They are Jahnna Beecham, Malcolm Hillgartner, and Gordon Javna.

Thank you!

Ron Parker

Ashland Kiwanis

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