Letters to the Editor

We should prepare for climate change

Weather is what happens locally over the short term; climate describes extended decade- or century-long trends. Single, unusual weather events may be caused by changing regional climate, while repeated such events are most likely a consequence of changing climate.

Two stories recently regarding weather are worth considering. One is the Mount Ashland resort closure due to lack of snow; the other concerns unseasonal conditions challenging the grape harvest.

Climate change projections indicate a substantial reduction in snowfall and snowpack accumulation throughout the high Sierra and Cascades. They also suggest summers will be substantially hotter and dryer than historically, potentially compromising grape varietals currently grown successfully in the Rogue Valley. Along with ski resort and vineyard managers, we should all plan for changing climate.

We can't control everyone, but we can do what we can do. We should evaluate our daily activities contributing to carbon dioxide pollution and climate change, especially reducing use of cars and electricity.

The impact of millions of painless choices can be immense. We can support efforts to convince elected officials to decrease carbon dioxide emissions and, when voting, we should support only candidates of whatever party who acknowledge and will address climate change.

Alan Journet


Thanks for return of lost wallet

With overflowing gratitude I want to thank the members of the Ashland High School cross country team who found my wallet Thursday and handed it in to the Fire Department which, in turn, gave it to our Police Department. I was called by both these services and reunited with my lost wallet with everything still in it.

Friday, my 70th birthday, was not spent on the phone with all the card companies. Instead, I celebrated the many blessings of life here in Ashland, and that includes high praise for the good souls who were all part of this.

Joanie Nissenberg


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