Letters to the Editor

Concern about climate change is increasing

Climate change is happening locally as Alan Journet wrote in a Jan. 14 Mail Tribune letter to the editor.

What should we do about it? First, take a class from him (seniors over 50 can take classes at SOU through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) to give you an understanding of the data and process of it. Secondly, learn what you can do to save the earth's species. Start by reducing your car travel. Figure 19.4 pounds of carbon dioxide released from each gallon of gas when burned by a car. A light domestic car traveling 12,000 miles per year would release 3.5 tons of carbon dioxide for the year.

I travel less and at slower speeds (55-60 mph on the freeway) with my hybrid car. Last year I traveled 8,751 miles on 204 gallons of gas to produce 2 tons of carbon dioxide. Compared that with a conventional car traveling 12,000 miles, I've reduced the release of carbon dioxide by 1.5 tons.

Well, that's a start on my part, but 2 tons of greenhouse gas may still be too much per person for the earth to deal with. We have a long way to go.

Porter Lombard


Gun club lawsuit is ludicrous

This is a response to the Jan. 5 Tidings article describing the lawsuit against the Ashland Gun Club, the city of Ashland and various organizations that use the gun club grounds. According to the article, Cathy DeForest, Leon Pyle and Dr. Edward Kerwin filed the lawsuit Dec. 23, 2011.

I feel this lawsuit is ludicrous and bogus, and I will give the reason why. At age 16, I reclaimed lead shot at the Palmdale Fin and Feather Gun Club for a period of two years. I used dustpans, feed scoops, shovels, buckets, strainer screens, fans and polishing screens. I sat and polished each 25-pound load for 20 minutes on fine metal screens. I processed thousands of pounds, using the shot to reload my own trap and skeet loads, as well as selling it to other shooters who were doing the same. I handled the shot on a regular basis and breathed some of the vapors during the polishing process, and experienced no side effects or adverse health problems. This was approximately 50 years ago, and at age 65, I consider myself to be in exceptionally good health.

Now what's going on here? Is the good doctor and his friends trying to bilk the Ashland Gun Club and the city, while at the same time trying to prohibit many worthy organizations from benefitting from the recreational use of this area? It angers me when I hear of lawsuits for greedy motivations.

Al Karger


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