Letters to the Editor

Help honor veterans during National Salute

Proud American men and women are serving and sacrificing for freedom around the world as America's military defends us against terrorism. Many of these veterans are coming to the Department of Veterans Affairs with special needs and challenges that require the hearts and hands of a new generation of VA volunteers.

White City VA invites citizens young and old to join us in honoring our veterans and learning about VA's volunteer program during the National Salute to Veteran Patients Feb. 12-18. You can join our "Visit a Vet for National Salute" at any VA facility.

Another opportunity to remember veterans is our "Valentines for Vets" project. This fun project gives school children, civic groups and citizens a chance to simply mail or drop off Valentine's Day cards, banners or posters or other treats to be shared with our veterans during this special week.

Every citizen can make a positive difference in the life of a veteran patient. Visits from community groups do much to lift their spirits. I invite every member of our community to call our Voluntary Service office at 541-830-7467 for more information.

Dr. Max E. McIntosh, director, VA SORCC

White City

The Republican Party is destroying itself

In response to Kevin Horrigan's op-ed piece on Wednesday I submit that the Republican Party is in the process of destroying itself.

It would be nice to have had an appropriate Democratic Party response to what is obviously absurd, but I prefer to let the purveyors of the absurdity Horrigan speaks of who have hijacked the Republican party hang themselves all by themselves as much as possible. This will be a relief to all people of good will who make up the majority. And do not think that this will mean a blank check for Democrats, who have our own dark shadows to own up to.

What I am more concerned about is what will replace the Republican Party. I suspect it may be far more virulent than what we see now and that is what people on all sides of the current political divide have to begin to prepare for beginning now.

Does not the martial arts principle to not harm your enemy any more than you have to because tomorrow you may need him as an ally apply this year and always? When the current madness is over we will need to reconcile with each other. Whoever is prepared to do this will not so much win (since that is an old paradigm concept) as prevail.

Wendell Fitzgerald


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