Letters to the Editor

Flag found: A good deed worth sharing

On a trike ride from Ashland to Talent, I suddenly discovered my flag was no longer attached to my trike. As I immediately backtracked, it occurred to me that the bumpitty wooden bridge at Valley View Road could have been the place that jiggled it loose. Alas, I never found it.

That night, I got an email from a cyclist in Medford who mentioned finding a flag not too far from that bridge and wondered if it were mine. The flag has a small ICE banner attached — ICE stands for Inspired Cycle Engineering, my trike's manufacturer — which this fellow recognized from a journal of mine that appeared in a bicycle touring blog (www.crazyguyonabike.com) where he recalled seeing a photo of me on my trike with that flag.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised and amazed that he tracked me down. I thought this good-deed account worth sharing.

Phil Gagnon


Government power has legitimate uses

Chris Honoré displays his misunderstanding of the pro-life position when he decries those "that rail against 'big government's' intrusion while suggesting that that same government define and dictate the reproductive rights of women."

People who oppose "big government" don't oppose all government power. They're not anarchists. They believe that governments have proper duties and should be limited to those duties.

One of the proper roles of any government, we should all agree, is to protect the lives of the innocent. Murder is the ultimate intrusion and government should use its power to stop all acts of murder. Therefore, Mr. Honoré, government should stop the killing of unborn babies.

Drew Hymer


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