Letters to the Editor

Driver's nationality was irrelevant

Your prominent use of the identifier "Saudi" in the Daily Tidings headline "Saudi arrested after ramming police in Ashland" probably wasn't intended to be racist — but it certainly read that way.

The young man's national heritage was irrelevant to the story that followed; if he had been from Manitoba, would you have written "Canadian arrested after ramming police"? I don't think so.

Pam Marsh


Confused by'science' editorial

Regarding your editorial "Time to embrace the science" in the Feb. 18 Tidings, I am mystified by what you mean by "the science."

Are you referring to studies done and published by biologists? Botanists? Geologists? Other scientists?

Are you saying that "the opposition" is composed only of people who are not scientists, and who have not conducted valid scientific studies? People who only think in terms of ideology? Really?

Selene Aitken


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