Letters to the Editor

GOP practices deception over oil

Disappointingly, candidates often appeal to profound misconceptions and the self-interests of voters. Knowing that there are concerns among voters regarding the price of gasoline, the Republican candidates are distorting reality.

They lambast the Obama administration for the price of gasoline at the pump rather than the oil companies making obscene multi-billion dollar profits, paying their executives multiple millions in salaries, and paying minimal taxes. They then tell us that they would lower gas prices not only by promoting further drilling but by endorsing the Keystone XL pipeline that would carry oil from tar sand deposits in Canada to the Gulf Coast to be refined and exported. Unless gas prices worldwide drop, unlikely as more peoples around the world demand more oil, all the oil extracted from or passing through the U.S. would be exported, impacting our pump price not one penny.

Given that the energy balance for oil from Canadian tar sands is only about 1 unit of energy gained per unit of energy expended, this oil would not lower pump prices in the U.S. even if Keystone were completed. The solution is enhancing energy use efficiency and promoting alternative fuels.

At some point, deceptive campaigning becomes outright lying.

Alan R.P. Journet


Volunteers built it, players followed

As Little Leaguers begin hitting the playing fields, they, their parents and coaches might be interested in the development of the Ashland baseball fields.

In 1970, three then-SOC professors, Dick Moore, Dick Frey and Marv Belford, had sons playing Little League baseball. The Walker Elementary fields and another area in what is now Hunter Park were all that were available.

After negotiating with the city for land for the project, the area now occupied by Hunter Park was designated. No funds were offered, so the parents and other volunteers began working days, evenings and weekends. The Ashland National Guard moved the project forward. Little League President Romney Walker, a member of the Ashland National Guard, recruited volunteer manpower from the Guard and drove the grader supplied by McGrew Brothers to clear the field. The Guard members later built the backstop and dugouts.

Ashland Little League has grown considerably. It now fields numerous teams in a facility that began in the dreams of Little League families.

Marv Belford


How many years in Afghanistan?

What now? What do you propose going forward? How many more years in Afghanistan? Do we start yet another war with Iran? All volunteer forces? Fourth, fifth, sixth tours of duty? What about the vets?

I hear you banging the drums of war once again. Are we to continue to project our military power all over the world? Oh, China. Mmmm. What if they ...? And speaking of China, how do you want to pay?

How about another go at waste and abuse? Cut peaceful foreign aid?

I guess you really want to pay for this by cutting (or "reforming" in Republicanspeak) Social Security and Medicare. People can work longer. Certainly you don't think defined pensions are a good plan. There are plenty of jobs for 65- and 70-year-olds, right? And don't get sick. It's pay as you go. Free market. We certainly can't have socialized medicine. Heaven forbid taxing anyone for anything.

Well, dream on, Republicans. Nothing adds up. Peace be with us all.

Daniel Hamnett


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