Letters to the Editor

City should remove shed, roundabout

Since the city is not going to install lights along the bike path where David Grubbs was murdered, could they at least remove the shed that is there, and also the roundabout?

At present, it is all too easy for someone to drive in, lurk behind that shed, commit murder and then drive quickly away. The shed poses a tremendous risk to all who walk on that path, especially at night, and the roundabout screams "quick and easy assailant escape."

Patti Morey


Navickas needs help with vision

Twice in the past three years homeless individuals have started destructive fires. Eric Navickas says it is your fault as citizens of Ashland.

Navickas said, "I think who is liable here is the City of Ashland for not addressing the homeless problem." He continued, "It's the type of situation that we're inevitably going to have if we don't have a shelter or proper services."

Remember, he is talking about you, the citizens, as you are the city.

His logic seems to be, "Let's provide more services, attracting more homeless, thereby reducing the homeless problem."

I am as concerned as anyone about those experiencing severe social problems. It is our obligation to help, and I have had homeless people stay in my home. But to blame me and my fellow Ashlanders for the fires, that goes too far.

Navickas is wrong, very wrong! If he believes that the citizens of Ashland are responsible for the Plaza and Oak Knoll fires, then it is he who needs help, help with his vision of Ashland.

Navickas apparently wants us to give in to what is tantamount to extortion — give the homeless what he says they want or face the burning down of our city.

Bill Heimann


Weather Service got it wrong again

"Constantly voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil."

— Jerry Garcia

According to the National Weather Service and their mouthpieces at the local TV stations, this latest storm on March 22 was gonna be epochal: hurricanes, floods, blizzards, earthquakes, heavy snow down to 1,000 feet or less and "dogs and cats living together."

What'd I get? Some brief wind from the northwest at 22 mph (a mere zephyr in Ashland) and some light to moderate rain for about four hours. That's it! Nothing apocalyptic.

Like agent Dale Cooper says into the dictaphone to his secretary Diane as he's driving into Twin Peaks: "54 degrees on a slightly overcast day. Weatherman said rain. If you could get paid that much money for being wrong over 60 percent of the time, it'd beat working."

Maybe Ashland should hire a staff meteorologist at an exorbitant salary. He'd fit right in with the other overpaid and underworked city employees.

Doyle Hirsch


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