Letters to the Editor

Thanks for printing Doonesbury strips

Kudos and thank you for the courage and integrity to print Garry Trudeau's controversial strips concerning the current war on women fomented by the radical lunatic fringe and their devious methods to distract the populace from the real issues of the collapse of industrial civilization.

Terry Brown


How much does Recology CEO make?

So, Recology took over our trash pickup, and then found they needed a lot more money. I just have two questions: How much did the CEO of Ashland Sanitary Service make, and how much is the CEO of Recology paid for doing the same job?

Peter Nemzek


Genetic engineering is not a natural process

When Oregonians had the opportunity to vote to label genetically engineered foods (or GMOs), people questioned that ballot measure saying that farmers have been selecting for certain genes and breeding their crops and livestock for centuries. True, but the genes and the traits that farmers select for are naturally present in those plants and animals.

The genes that are inserted into plants and animals through genetic engineering are not. They come from other species. In the case of recombinant DNA insulin, the human insulin gene is inserted into bacteria which then produce insulin for human use.

This is not selective breeding; this is messing with nature on a scale that may be the epitome of corporate arrogance. Twenty-first century genetics is way beyond what we learned in our high school biology classes.

Remember, in plant sexual reproduction, pollen carries the sperm that fertilizes the ova. The embryos are the seeds. Corn, beans, peas, etc. are contaminated by the GMO pollen and, therefore, are no longer certifiably organic. The farmer and the consumer lose again.

In the USA, GMO foods are yet another example of how the system favors corporations over people.

Dave Garcia, Ph.D.


SOU's 'Dream' is a fabulous production

We've just come from seeing SOU's production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." It is the most inventive, creative, entertaining production imaginable. The theater was half full; it should have been standing room only!

In my opinion, an Oscar goes to each and every member of the cast. Now, for the Bowmer then on to Broadway.

Al Scott


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