Letters to the Editor

Aid donation boxes are confusing

I read with some amazement the article "Ashland — Chamber plans donation boxes to aid homeless" in the paper on March 28. I am glad to help such a worthy organization as St. Vincent de Paul, but I don't understand how these boxes are going to help the currently homeless, especially the older men and mentally ill people.

How are they going to get to Medford? How will they be "helped" in Ashland?

We used to have a daily center for the homeless in Ashland which, though not a perfect solution, offered services, advice, snacks, laundry and showers. Impeccably run by Jeanne Hallinan and funded by a Medford nonprofit, this provided some degree of hope and stability.

I would ask the concerned members of the Citizens Coalition and Carol Voisin to continue to fight for the homeless and to say how much I appreciate their efforts. Ashland needs to show some compassion and not shunt these folk off to Medford. Pushing the issue under the rug isn't the answer.

Please, Ashland City Council, tell us how you are going to deal with the homeless problem and please don't say "exclusionary zones." That's a joke, isn't it?

Sarah Paul


JPR's success does not threaten SOU

While I do not know all of the issues surrounding the actions of the SOU administration regarding Ron Kramer and JPR, it is very clear that Mr. Kramer has led JPR to be a very strong, regional information and entertainment source upon which so many people rely.

It also appears that the JPR Foundation, led by Mr. Kramer, is a powerful element in historic preservation and increased access to entertainment options in cooperation with and to the benefit of local businesses. These successes should not be seen as a threat to SOU's fundraising ability. A strong local community stands to be a better source for funding than one that is limited.

I am also very concerned about the timing of the actions by SOU and the attendant publicity only a week before JPR's semiannual fund drive. I do not believe that this is a benefit to SOU's fundraising and may hurt JPR's.

We need JPR in our region. I encourage everyone to provide additional financial support to JPR and Ron Kramer at this time of controversy.

Pete Jorgensen


See Mount Ashland avalanche danger

The proposed expansion of Mt. Ashland Ski Resort needs to be seriously reconsidered.

As an Ashland resident, I used to think that development was a good thing for the region. However, now that I have seen physical evidence of how devastating a potential landslide could have on the Ashland watershed, I am opposed and aghast that anybody would consider risking Ashland's water supply for the sake of a new ski run.

The recent letter by Soil Management Services, B.G Hicks and George Badura (March 23), cites findings that Mount Ashland is more likely to experience "massive debris flows and avalanches" than simple surface erosion as claimed by the Mt. Ashland Association. I concur, but don't take my word for it. It's easy to get lost in reports and expert testimony without seeing for oneself the destructive force an avalanche could have on Ashland's watershed.

I invite everyone to see for themselves the physical evidence of a Mount Ashland avalanche and then consider the risks. Take a short drive up Interstate 5 to Callahan's Lodge and drive down Route 273 for less than 2 miles. See how the geology of the mountain behaves as it takes out forests and roads and changes water flows.

Talk to some residents and hear their stories of how the mountain let go during the heat of summer, not winter. Then, you decide: Is it worth it?

Patrick Marcus


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