Letters to the Editor

Kramer's integrity beats SOU's

Regarding the termination of Jefferson Public Radio's Ron Kramer by Southern Oregon University: My initial response is to say that as a former long-term SOU employee, I would trust the vision, transparency and integrity of JPR's Ron Kramer over that of SOU administration any day.

Gordon Enns


Ski expansion needs further study

This letter by B.G. Hicks and George Badura, Geo-Oregon LLC and Soil Management Services, respectively, summarizes our detailed response to the Mt. Ashland Association letter of Feb. 24. (Contact georegon@aol.com for detailed response). We have combined 43 years of Rogue River Forest Service, or RRFS, experience with a significant amount in the Ashland Creek Watershed.

MAA's Feb. 24 letter stated that surface erosion measures the expansion's impact to this watershed. This claim is misleading. The proposed expansion is affected less by surface erosion and more by massive debris flows and avalanches that incorporate erosion — during major storms.

The detailed response (available above) specifies that the current RRFS study is incomplete. Two field-visited problems anticipated from the proposed plans are briefly described below. (Five problem areas are in the detailed response.)

(1) Lodge ("Moraine Lodge") and Lift Tower are proposed on a ridge composed of broken rock at the edge of the "Ski Bowl." This ridge is not morainal but avalanche deposit. These avalanches cascaded from the steep sides and back of the cirque. A hazard analysis is needed regarding future avalanches before increasing skier use or area development.

(2) Wetland areas at the bottom of the basin are jeopardized by expansion. Maintaining stability of this outlet area is critical. Impacts downstream must be analyzed for potential decreased reservoir water supply and for massive debris loading — to the reservoir — if outlet failure occurs.

The expansion of the Mt. Ashland Ski Area requires additional study.

B.G. Hicks and George Badura


Theater renaming was disappointing

The recent announcement of the renaming of the New Theater was received with great disappointment. We feel the New Theater should have been renamed in honor of Bill Patton and Richard Hay. It should have been the Hay-Patton Theater. The decades of hard work, talent and commitment by these two men made possible the present-day company.

To name a rehearsal hall in their honor does not give them the full recognition they deserve. Hopefully there are many others who feel this way. Perhaps with enough input this decision can be reversed to make the naming truly meaningful. OSF can have the Hay-Patton Theater and the Thomas Rehearsal Hall.

Bill and Judi Quiett



Uma Freese and Wendy Resnik, authors of a Wednesday guest opinion, are former, not current, employees of Ashland Community Hospital.

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