Letters to the Editor

Names were donors to Daedalus Project

A response to Leah Ireland's June 27 Letter at Length:

Having adapted "The Very Merry Wives of Windsor, Iowa," I will leave it to the production itself, and the wondrous work of the artists and artisans, to refute her concerns. We live in a big, beautiful country, and have a big, beautiful theater in our midst. Not every play will be everyone's cup of tea, and that's as it should be in this very subjective business of art making and art receiving. I am always interested to hear new perspectives, and look forward to chatting with folks who feel passionately about any show one way or the other. We do what we do to learn.

But I want to respond to her characterization of the inclusion of some individual names in the play. The names she heard were of folks who donated money to our Daedalus Project last August. As you probably know, Daedalus raises money that directly supports the work of HIV/AIDS service organizations in the Rogue Valley and elsewhere. The inclusion of their names in the play is entirely my choice and does not benefit OSF at all. I thank the donors, and think every day about the lives they helped save and enhance with their generosity.

Alison Carey

director, "The Very Merry Wives of Windsor, Iowa"

Support ski area's fundraising campaign

Perhaps like many of you, we were both concerned to hear of the situation facing the Mt. Ashland Ski Area because of budget shortfalls caused by weather related conditions this past ski season. Mt. Ashland operates as a nonprofit organization, and therefore relies on its visitors to help fund its annual operations. Like so many Rogue Valley residents, our family enjoys the ski hill for winter and summer recreation. Beyond our own personal enjoyment we also recognize its value to our community through Mt. Ashland's sponsorship of winter and summer science programs, youth ski programs, Special Olympics and many other activities.

It has come to our attention that Mt. Ashland has initiated a fundraising appeal for support to help them through this difficult time. We are writing to acknowledge our support for their fundraising campaign, and ask those who also find value in the activities that Mt. Ashland's offers to our community, to consider giving to this worthwhile effort.

Jason and Karin Kuhl


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