Letters to the Editor

Thanks for helping stamp out hunger

The recent National Letter Carriers' Stamp Out Hunger food drive is a perfect example of Southern Oregon's steadfast giving spirit. Our community donated 74,251 pounds of food, which will feed Jackson County's hungry families. Thank you to all who donated!

ACCESS would also like to thank local letter carriers who show true dedication in making the drive successful through extra work and longer hours. It was inspiring to see the postal carriers bring in truckloads of food throughout the day.

Thank you to KDRV Newswatch 12 for its excellent news coverage prior to and after the event, which worked wonders in spreading the word.

We are also thankful to Wells Fargo, New Heritage Church and Mountain Christian Fellowship for providing a fleet of volunteers for helping postal carriers unload, sort and box donated food, and also substantially subsidizing the cost of donation bags.

Thank you to our caring community!

Philip Yates, ACCESS nutrition programs director


Honest people live in Ashland

Yesterday I went to the Ashland Post Office to pick up my mail from my P.O. box. (I love the post office!).

I delivered to my daughter a purple envelope that was addressed to my granddaughter. It was most likely a graduation card from her other grandparents.

That evening my daughter left work, and in her busy life accidentally dropped the purple envelope somewhere near First and B streets.

She was pretty upset, and I suggested she check the P.O. box in the morning. Maybe someone had dropped it back in the mail. Someone had!

Who ever found the envelope, thank you!

It was a graduation card with cash in it. Thank you again.

My daughter said, "Ashland is such a great community with many honest people."

Funny, the day before, my granddaughter found a $20 bill in the grocery store. She heard a woman exclaim, "I lost my money," and my granddaughter immediately handed over the $20.

Honest, compassionate people. I believe. I love it!

Stella Cruz


Is anyone awake down at City Hall?

Here we go again with a fee for something that the city wants, but not the residents. Do I recall that the Ashland Fiber Network was originally sold to the residents as a means of reading the meters? We've been paying for that sales pitch for years.

Now the new plan doesn't use AFN, and a new charge is being considered to "opt out." Do we have anyone awake at City Hall or are you all daydreaming?

Donald Politis


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