Letters to the Editor

Meter hazards are unclear

I'm not sure whether all this "stray RF" is a hazard, but when I worked with the AEC long ago, I knew our tech wizards were incautious about public danger.

Dean Ing


Smart meters are the new smoking

I just voted in your smart meters online poll, and here is my bottom line: This is an example of the new Smoking.

A short time ago, smoking was so "normal" it was allowed on airplanes, in restaurants, in university lecture halls, et cetera, and the perceived risks were obscured and de-emphasized by the cultural norm, the status quo.

For a long time the tobacco industry didn't have the data to prove it was harmful; then later it did, and for a long time, it sat on the data. Today, finally, the data is well known, and smokers know they're at great risk. My kids today cannot even comprehend the idea of a "smoking area" in a small restaurant.

Wireless radiation is merely one example (there are other good ones) of the new smoking.

Health advocates are not extremist freaks on this issue; they are merely concerned people doing the intelligent thing — erring on the safe side. What seems odd to me is the fact that there are those would frame these people as "extreme" despite the above example, which requires only a moment of thoughtful reflection.

Brian Hilden


Mayor ignored important issues

A resolution for Mayor Stromberg: While this mayor was so over-concerned, along with his crony Navickas, about nudity and the plight of the homeless, he ignored other important and essential social and civil issues that anyone could see were mounting up.

Since then, there has been a rash of serious problems like a horrific murder, rape, assaults, civil disobedience, burgeoning traffic issues, very dark streets, and riffraff hanging around the city. Not to mention tax increases and an understaffed police force.

Everyone cares about the plight of the homeless, no doubt, for sure. However, I think that the mayor could do best for this city by stepping down. Then he could start his own nudist colony and hire the homeless to maintain it. This would leave a vacancy whereby a more serious and well-meaning politician could govern our city in an un-frivolous and appropriate manner.

Stephen Mellini


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