Letters to the Editor

Suggestions for apleasant Plaza

Suggestions regarding Ashland Plaza and Main Street:

  • Since the Plaza is Ashland's public "living room," it should be kept clean and trash-free. Believe me, tourists notice such efforts, and locals will appreciate them, too. Perhaps a group of retirees could take that on as a civic chore ("The Clean Team?").
  • I think that if the number of very large trucks were minimized on Main Street, it would be helpful. The din they cause almost precludes conversation at the coffee shops and restaurants along the street. I have heard that some of the big trucks go through town to avoid the checkpoint on Interstate 5. Can't that be solved?

Margaret Gelatt


Dismayed by the looting of America

It has been painful watching the looting of America.

And now I'm watching the "looters" spending their loot to convince the "lootees" to elect the friends of the "looters."

It's "looticrous!"

Jerry Nutter


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