Letters to the Editor

Talent Walmart was a good gathering place

I first was saddened of the news of the Talent Walmart closing because we're losing its convenience. Then, I got to thinking about how it was such a "community" hub.

I will have no more standing in line at the pharmacy with friends. No more gathering in the card section laughing with others over musical cards. No more looking at children's clothing with other grammies I know.

No more chatting with students and their parents in the candy aisles. No more rushing down after a holiday and getting those good buys for leadership supplies. No more digging through the CDs or videos with local teenagers.

All in all, I'm extremely disappointed Walmart needed to close. I'm not sure where I will run into all these wonderful "old and new" friends. It was always a delight to see former students and their families and catch up on their happenings.

Oh well, I never have been good at change! I just wondered if it is impacting others like this.

Judy Casad


After seven years, city's hiring policy still sexist

In 2005, the city of Ashland passed an Affirmative Action Plan, stating that "the goal of the City of Ashland is to employ qualified women and minorities in all job categories in proportion to their availability in the labor market."

With three new department heads now hired by this City Council and mayor, the city of Ashland no longer has any women within the department head staff, excluding the city recorder, who is elected by the citizens.

The prominent sexist hiring policy of our elected representatives is inexcusable, embarrassing to our city and in violation of our own policy. The public sector has a responsibility to demonstrate nondiscriminatory policies by countering sexist trends in hiring; Ashland has done the opposite. It is impossible to believe that there have been no qualified women available for any of these management positions.

Eric Navickas


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