Letters to the Editor

Co-op workers need our support

In June 2011, workers at the Ashland Food Co-op began a union drive to join UFCW Local 555 so they can have a stronger voice in the policies that govern their workplace. This is not a struggle for higher wages but is a fight for mutual respect and a truly democratic workplace that values its workers' collective voice.

The workers at Ashland Food Co-op have the federally protected right to a union election that is free of harassment and intimidation from management and other employees. Management at the Co-op broke federal law when they intimidated and retaliated against these employees. According to complaints, Co-op management has acted heavy-handedly against organizers and workers. The National Labor Relations Board agreed and sanctioned the Co-op for 13 complaints of unfair labor practices. This legal process is now over and a union vote has finally been announced. Ashland Food Co-op workers in the voting unit will have the opportunity today and tomorrow to finally make their votes count.

Right now power at the Co-op is held by management. Any rights and voice the workers have in the form of staff council can be withdrawn without notice. It is time for workers to be treated equally and have a real voice. We owners and community members need to show the workers that we have their backs and give them the courage to vote for what is right. A vote for the union is a vote for equality and fairness.

Jason Houk


Ready to opt back in on smart meter

After reading an article in Sneak Preview about there not being any smart meters in Ashland; I would like to apply for an "Opt out/Opt in form."

I was told that my meter was smart, and now that I know that it has a sending unit like my wireless router and similar to the one on my Avista meter, then I'm opting back in.

I wish the Tidings had run an article that was as informative as the Sneak.

Tom Frantz


Why we didn't choose the Manor

Three years ago my wife and I considered Rogue Valley Manor, but we decided corporate management was way too heavy-handed for the good of its residents.

But heavy-handedness is the true nature of the beast, since Oregon law does not make management companies act as fiduciaries of the residents. We chose Mountain Meadows in Ashland, where our motto is, "We own it. We run it. We love it!"

Galen Schelb


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