Letters to the Editor

Jeff Scroggin for commissioner

Jeff Scroggin comes to this position with valuable experience gained from his position as chief aid to Sen. Alan Bates working in the Oregon Legislature.

His first concern is jobs and local business support by investing in fiscally responsible upgrades to the infrastructure. Business looks to stay and locate where communities invest in themselves. Jeff is also concerned with land-use policies and will work to balance protecting farmland, forestland, streams and rivers and green space while responsibly managing land and resources for our future.

Jeff is profoundly knowledgeable about Oregon and the Rogue Valley, and I believe he will serve us well as county commissioner, Position 2. A vote for Jeff is in your best interests.

Victor W. Rogers


Vote for library levy to maintain hours

Our Ashland public library is a focal part of our community. We Ashlanders have passed two levies to keep the Ashland library open for 40 hours a week. This levy must pass to keep the library's current schedule and full service. Presently all days except Friday are open, including Sunday, which is the busiest day of the week. We will lose days open and full service if the levy does not pass. Please vote yes on 15-113, Renewal of Local Option Tax Levy Funding for the Ashland library.

The library is always busy with adults stopping by to find new books and DVDs to check out; attending library discussion groups; using the 12 computers available; or reading periodicals and magazines in a comfortable and quiet area. The Guanajuato and the Gresham rooms are available for community meetings and classes.

As you know, the 100-year-old Carnegie Library section is for children of all ages. Children's activities include weekly story times for wobblers and toddlers, preschoolers and others. They have their own place to enjoy books and check out the ones they like best.

Even the teens have their special time on Saturdays for group activities, movies, reading, games and choosing books with their friends for school and for pleasure reading.

Please give our beautiful and active library your support by voting for the levy.

Dick and Mary Mastain

Friends of the Ashland Library

We can count on Stromberg

With just days left before the election, I want to offer my strong endorsement of John Stromberg for mayor of Ashland.

Under John's leadership the city has continued to thrive. Even in these tough times John has taken the steps to ensure a strong future for Ashland as a center for art, ideas and commerce.

Both a thinker and a doer, John has had to make some hard calls over the past four years. He's a consensus-builder who believes in finding positive-sum solutions to challenging and nuanced issues. He's the kind of person we can count on to lead with integrity, responsibility, and a commitment to enlisting all our help in building the best tomorrow for the city we love: Ashland.

Micah A.E. Canal


Vote for Ayars, Voisin, Stromberg

Regina Ayars has demonstrated throughout her campaign her capacity to listen and to make reasoned evaluations based on intelligent understanding of issues. She will be a great asset to our City Council.

Carol Voisin, a dedicated and courageous public servant, is someone we know we can trust to study an issue in depth and to act with integrity.

With John Stromberg as mayor, someone who has a proven record of respectful and effective leadership, our city and our council can continue to handle the challenges we face.

Vote for Ayars. Vote for Voisin. Vote for Stromberg.

Selene Aitken


Federal problem is here, too

OK, voters, what is the disconnect with our representatives or senators across the nation? They don't work together and just follow their party (or the few).

Now we have Carol Voisin and her lone vote against the others who really seem to be working to find a common ground on the issues. The PAC simply shows us that what we want for our federal problems exists at home as well.

Donald Politis


Greg Lemhouse for Ashland

Greg Lemhouse doesn't have a problem disagreeing with either political party to push forward and get things accomplished. Wouldn't that be nice if every elected official thought this way? He comes from an apolitical ideal that simply wants Ashland to be a clean, inviting and safe town for all residents and visitors to enjoy. He believes it should be something that we can all be proud of.

Greg also understands that strengthening our local businesses, both in retention and expansion, will propel our community forward, not back. I applaud Greg for his ability to make fair, informed decisions and press forward. He continually supports solutions that he believes are in the best interest of the city as a whole.

My votes will go to the candidates that are not extremists or activists from either party. We've already learned that this gets us nowhere. Instead, I will vote for candidates who act decisively with fairness and clearly support the fact that the overwhelming majority of Ashland's residents are better off with a safe, clean, vibrant city as supported by a healthy economy.

Please join me in voting for Greg Lemhouse.

Ron Hansen


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