Letters to the Editor

Second flyover isn't necessary

Two local residents asked the City Council to allow military flyovers on Memorial Day. Despite Ashland's policy to deny flyovers other than the one on the Fourth of July, all but one member voted to change the city policy to accommodate this request.

No public input was invited. If there had been an opportunity to speak to this decision, I would have said that I don't believe two military flyovers are necessary in our town. A flyover on Memorial Day would set the wrong tone for the day. The air would fill with the sound of warfare and the sight of might rather than conveying sadness and respect for those who fought and died.

Arlene Mueller


Council should have chosen Agee

The Ashland City Council had the perfect opportunity to choose Jackie Agee to fill the vacated council seat by simply acting on the compelling logic of arithmetic.

Jackie's 4,856 certified votes by Ashland's citizenry makes her the overwhelming choice of this city, so why not the council? What part of democracy was playing out in this decision?

This is an insult to the entire voting base of Ashland, and to the eminently qualified Jackie Agee.

Jerry Nutter


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