Letters to the Editor

Remembering Dr. William Moore

Dr. William Moore, former Ashland School District administrator, passed away last week. He and I worked closely together for a little more than two years in 1988.

At that time, I was Ashland's new superintendent, 17 years his junior. Bill's positive spirit and deep understanding of sound educational practice was just what I needed in my new job. Bill always had the unique ability to envision the resolution of a problem and a positive outcome when most others saw only the problem.

He understood that engaging students in meaningful learning experiences was important as well as assessing their learning through broad-based measures, not just objective tests.

The strong reputation of the Ashland School District today has its foundation in the educational contributions of Dr. William Moore. I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to the spirit of Bill Moore, my colleague and friend, and I hope the community follows suit.

John M. Daggett, former superintendent, Ashland School District


Night in shelter was worthwhile

We spent our first night in a shelter on Wednesday, Dec. 5. It was raining and the temperature was chilly outside, making the warm, dry floors a welcome change to all there except the two of us. We were acting as "hosts" that night, and our queen-size bed with the down comforter was at our Ashland home.

We welcomed seven tired, cold and hungry adults to Trinity Episcopal's Wednesday night "no-frills" shelter. Trinity has followed the lead of First Presbyterian Church in Ashland, and is offering a dry, warm and safe refuge for the winter on Wednesday nights, something they have been offering for several years.

A dedicated group of community volunteers is attempting to give a bit of dignity and a place to sleep during these cold winter months. The group is seeking more spaces (churches, larger gathering halls) and more volunteers to host these spaces. You need not be associated with a faith-based community to help.

We left Trinity glad we had pushed our comfort level, and feeling blessed to be so fortunate!

Do you have questions or are you willing to help? Call Heidi Parker at 541-482-1520 or email parkershame@gmail.com.

Bruce and Trudy Duncan


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