Letters to the Editor

Pipe shops aid drug addicts

1) The two fatal drug overdoses in 24 hours of two young men in Ashland sadly remind us again of the horrors of addiction.

Wars, poverty, rising health care costs, broken families, mental illness and loss of productivity at employment are some of the results of not treating this disease. Yet we have at least two downtown Ashland businesses that sell glass pipes that people young and otherwise use to smoke heroin,meth,cocaine, oxycontin, pot and other drugs in.

I wonder if the two dead young men purchased them at one of these stores. Why do these store owners continue to sell this drug paraphernalia? Is money more important than good ethics and their conscience?

2) Hey, you horse owners who use the Greenway bike path: How about cleaning up the manure your horses leave on the path? It is especially dangerous in these freezing temperatures! Thank you.

Joe Talboom


Support your local ski area

As a terrific ski season is getting under way in southern Oregon, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my support for the Mt. Ashland Ski Area.

Much like Britt and OSF, it is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community resource. This resource provides Southern Oregon residents with wonderful access to summer and winter recreation, which contributes to the quality of life that many of us enjoy most about our region. A vibrant Mt. Ashland sustains our community by keeping a larger share of the revenue (and jobs) within our local economy, enriching our region.

While there is similar recreation several hours away — in most any direction — having this resource in Southern Oregon lessens the need for travel, which further helps our environment. I choose to support Mt. Ashland because it aligns with my values through its commitment to renewable and green energies, while balancing needs for quality, local winter recreation.

Vicki Purslow


Thanks to city utility workers

I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to the Ashland city workers who came and removed my fallen tree on the morning of Dec. 20 at the corner of Glendower and West Nevada streets. They worked in the cold and wind to get the tree off the wires and to restore electricity and setting a telephone pole straight. The workers did an amazing job of getting things restored and cleaned up. Thank you again.

Patricia Buckles


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