Letters to the Editor

Fact, not fear; gun user ashamed of the NRA

My father was a lifetime member of NRA, as my two sons are today. My grandfather was a guide for backpacking hunters in the early 1900s, I shot my first .357 pistol when I was so young that my reaction was "Big noise, Daddy" (Of course, a light reload). So my Second Amendment Rights are not only honored, but part of my genetics.

NRA's stance on high-capacity magazines and assault rifles is reprehensible, the excuse being that if the government takes one gun, it will then take our other guns. Before you erupt with "Yeah, that's what they'll do," let me ask you a question.

When the government banned Thompson submachine guns, did the government ban our hunting rifles or handguns? Did the government "completely and forever" eradicate the Second Amendment, as the NRA insinuates will happen if our government bans any kind of gun? The answer is no. Fact, not fear!

It appears the NRA is using fear to exercise its control, appealing to many that can be lead by their ignorance so the NRA can add to their number of members to have power.

Power can become scurrilous, as recently observed on Wall Street. Because of this, my father and grandfather would be as ashamed of the NRA as I am. Beware, by using fear, NRA is feathering its own power nest by increasing "sheep membership" out there to do so! My worry is, will the "sheep" overwhelm those of us who aren't, and stain forever the NRA?

Dawn Richardson

Rogue River

City should consider replacing rink cover

Have you been by the skating rink on your trips to downtown Ashland? What a jewel! It's a place of joy and happiness expanding our Festival of Light through all generations.

The 2012/13 season goes from Nov. 16 through Feb. 28. However, the rink must shut down when it rains and on sunny days of 50 degrees or more. When this happens many people, children through adults, are left disappointed. In addition, the Parks Department loses income and the staff is laid off without pay.

What would it take to replace the former cover over the rink, lost to a falling tree after a big snow, and make full use of the short season? Perhaps a new design or something retractable, seasonal or permanent? If you too think it would be a good thing to extend the days and evenings the rink could be open, please ask the Ashland City Council and the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission to begin the process of researching both design and funding.

Joanie Nissenberg


Obama practicing bait and switch on cliff deal

To get elected this time, President Obama campaigned on a promise to not touch Social Security and to make those making over $250,000 pay their fair share. Now that he's back in office, the tune has changed. He is now moving the bar up to $400,000 and agreeing to lessen the cost of living increases to seniors in the future.

In business, we call this "bait and switch." In politics, it's called hypocrisy!

Rick Blank


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