Letters to the Editor

Visualize CO2 as a sheet

Recent letters discuss whether the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at only 387 parts per million is too small to cause the possible climate change that is worrying many scientists.

It might be helpful to think about the situation this way: Imagine that instead of being diluted throughout the atmosphere, all the carbon dioxide is condensed into a globe-girdling, solid sheet just above us. This carbon dioxide sheet would be about one-tenth of an inch thick, comparable to greenhouse glass panes.

J. Robb Grover, Ph.D.


What else will we do for money?

We Americans are shameful, greedy capitalists. We will not lose weight to be healthier, feel better and most likely improve our looks, but we will diet for financial gain.

What else are we willing to do for money? Just look at our government in Washington for the answer.

Char Hersh


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