Letters to the Editor

Transients are not being neighborly

My family is selling our family home, cottage and meditation room. The property is a block above the Shakespeare bricks. My sister who lives in the cottage recently called and told me that transients had moved into the backyard meditation room. I went up to fence off the area.

The room was littered with Camel cigarettes, Kombucha bottles and urine. The transients were using the yard as a toilet and campground. The scene was complete with toilet paper, feces, Cheez Whiz, wrappers all over the place.

This kind of disrespect from the recent transient infusion is intolerable. I hope these disrespectful types are taught the rules of tolerant neighbors and Ashland citizens.

Tom Frantz


Chalk message shows wisdom

Every morning my husband and I take an early morning walk in Lithia Park. One morning we were bombarded with messages we assumed were left on concrete by jubilant children with chunky, colorful chalk.

On the railing of one bridge leading to the playground was written in large letters "DON'T BE SAD." For days I have pondered, why not the usual message, "BE HAPPY?" Maybe the children know something we grown-ups don't. Or maybe the author was a philosopher/poet in the making.

Kristin Hoppe


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