Letters to the Editor

Women must protect themselves

I completely read "Will the Legislature protect women in danger" in the Tuesday, April 30, Ashland Daily Tidings. This brings up several valid points pertaining to the issue of women's safety, security and protection.

No! The state legislatures aren't going to protect women in danger! Why?

Because criminals, abusers, stalkers, rapists and other depraved human vermin don't respect laws, restraining orders, et cetera. The only thing state legislators are going to protect, including the anti-gun Bolsheviks in Salem, are themselves! They and their ilk are only concerned with their own power, sick egos, positions, and controlling the masses via socialism and people control.

"Dial 911 and Die!" (www.jpfo.org) again addresses the issue of 911, police response, protection, and likewise exposes the failures, myths and fallacies of restraining orders.

Criminals prefer unarmed victims. A saying is, "nobody ever raped a .38!" Paxton Quigley's book: "Armed and Female: Taking Control" (2010) is available via www.paxtonquigley.com. A moral, credible and comprehensive guide addressing women in America.

My own April 30 Mail Tribune letter titled "Letters were disgraceful" brings up rape survivor and victim Amanda Collins. I gave reference in the letter to "Amanda Collins: Nevada Campus Crime Victim" via Cam Edwards on You Tube.

Also, Larry Elder's quote: "A woman who demands further gun control legislation is like a chicken who roots for Col. Sanders." The bottom line: You the citizen (male or female) are basically on your own and remain your personal first line of security, protection and armed response. The police can't protect you; you must protect yourself.

James A. Farmer


Council spends like drunken sailor

In the past three years, the Ashland City Council has been spending like a drunken sailor, and councilors are increasing utility fees again!

The spin that your paper put on this latest heist was nice, but a 14 percent increase is an outrage! The fat cats on the council must think we are idiots.

I guess we were, for believing their campaign speeches about fiscal responsibility!

RL Tokareff


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