Letters to the Editor

Thanks for holiday public safety work

I had a safe and happy holiday and want to thank the public safety workers who helped make it so.

In the morning they were directing traffic and keeping an eye on the thousands of us watching the parade in Ashland. They helped find a missing child and comfort a scared mother.

In the evening they were literally putting out fires, like the one along Interstate 5, and monitoring the fireworks exploding everywhere. They were keeping the roads safe for me and helping those who celebrated a bit too much from hurting themselves or anyone else.

They did it in a friendly and professional manner. Thanks to them for working on the holiday so that the rest of us could enjoy it safely.

Laurie Schaaf


Thanks for plants on Plaza light poles

Thanks to local residents Barry and Kathryn Thalden, each of the light poles in the Ashland Plaza is now graced with two beautiful hanging plants.

The Thaldens recognized that the Plaza needed color and definition, and they stepped in to help. Barry and Kathryn contributed the supports and the pots, and the city retrofitted our light poles and added irrigation. The magnificent pots draw the eye and delineate the space.

Heartfelt thanks to the Thaldens for initiating the project, and to city staff for working hard to implement changes in time for July 4 festivities. The new pots remind us that our best efforts are always enhanced when city and residents work together.

Pam Marsh

Ashland City Council member

Parade exhaust was unwelcome

My family and I were totally enjoying the parade on the Fourth.

The floats were fun, the colors were bright and festive and the community was full of goodwill until an entry from Southside Tattoo made its way along the street. Its cars released engine exhaust that sent black clouds of pollution throughout the crowd.

My 5-year-old grandson and his friends were blasted in the face by the exhaust fumes. I felt my eyes burn as nausea overcame me. Hopefully this will not be allowed again in the future.

Susan Champion


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