Letters to the Editor

Headwaters Ultra runwas a huge success

The inaugural Headwaters Ultra 50k and 10k trail runs took place at Lake Siskiyou Camp-Resort Saturday with incredible success and excitement. We had 54 runners participate in the 50k run and 92 for the 10k run.

More than 70 volunteers showed up on race day to support Headwaters Ultra. And support they did, as many runners claimed this race had the best aid stations and start/finish area of any race they've done — not bad feedback for a first year event!

I want to extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude to every individual, business, agency, club, and organization that had a hand in making this event such a hit. I regret not having the opportunity to personally thank each and every volunteer and runner on Saturday. I did my best to get around to all of you.

I am overjoyed and grateful to be part of such an amazingly active and supportive community across Southern Oregon and Northern California. We all won on Saturday with the success of Headwaters Ultra. I hope this event continues into perpetuity.

Headwaters Ultra will soon make its donation to the Siskiyou Land Trust once we let the dust settle and have a chance to catch our breath.

Gerad Dean, Headwaters Ultra race director

Mt. Shasta, Calif.

This year's Daedalus Project one of best ever

Over the past 12 years, I have been enriched by one of the best events in Ashland, the Daedalus Project. The quality of offerings this year continues to inspire, educate and propel me to reach out and do something meaningful in this community.

A first, the partnership of OSF, the Ashland Independent Film Festival and Coming Attractions brought not only award-winning and informative films, but also introductions to those individuals and agencies which make a difference in Jackson and Siskiyou counties for those living and dying with HIV/AIDS. Thank you to Eduardo Placer of OSF and Ann Ashby of AIFF! It was an incredible collaboration.

Monday's "Falsettoland" was an engaging, fast-paced, witty musical which had the whole audience continually tapping its feet and laughing until we were gently pulled into the loss of Whizzer from AIDS. In my row there was not a dry eye as the reading came to an end. Beautifully executed.

The evening's 26th annual Daedalus performance did not disappoint; again filled with outstanding dance, song and merriment. Lue, you and the Douthettes were great, but those of us who have heard your humor in the past knew we would be in for a treat.

I must also give a shout out to those Acting Company Trainees — you rocked! And Rex Rabold fellow Katie Medford's talent definitely honored Rex (and the OSF community).

But I cannot end this letter without mentioning the Witnessing Ceremony. Each year it grows in dimension, and I so appreciate being able to openly mourn three dear friends who have succumbed to AIDS. Where we went this year, the community choir and the Wings of Daedalus along with the names of OSF friends lost lighting the Elizabethan walls, took my heart to a deeply moving place.

Thank you, Claudia Alick, for your continued excellence in producing events for OSF. You are a master. Thank you too to all the creative talents that made "On the Verge of Flight" one of the best years ever!

Tia Hatch


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