Letters to the Editor

Thanks to Bates for dredging bill

As a native Oregonian, a longtime member of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters and a fly fisherman for more than 60 years, I want to extend my strongest Thank you to Sen. Alan Bates for his leadership in enacting SB 838 to control suction dredge mining.

We have beautiful rivers and many lovely creeks here in southern Oregon, which trout and steelhead and salmon clearly love — and need — even more than do we.

Once dredge mining starts, however, it seems to expand and expand, destroying the beauty as well as tragically ending the natural habitat for our fisheries. And, it takes generations to slowly recreate that natural habitat and, hopefully, replace the fish and other bounty that naturally existed before their desecration.

Thank you, thank you, Senator Bates, for leading the effort to limit the suction dredge mining that has such bad consequences for our beloved waters.

David Berger


A sad commentary on our modern society

Went to Bi-Mart the other day to purchase spark plugs, etc., for a tune up. No spark plugs anymore in the section labeled automotive.

No, rather than spark plugs on the shelves, there were bullets, many shelves of bullets. What a sad commentary on our society.Wonder how long it will take for the game bags, camo jackets, etc. to replace filters, oil and gas treatment bottles.

Ken Gosling


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