Letters to the Editor

Climate change is here and now

Despite the views of some individuals, the impact of climate change is here and now. Anyone involved in agriculture or forestry should be particularly concerned about the snowpack reduction — down 25 percent at Crater Lake since the 1930s — since this is what historically has provided our area with its late summer and fall irrigation water.

By the end of the century snow-pack may decrease to 10 percent of its historic depth, even more severely compromising the ability of local farmers and foresters to continue business as usual.

Combining this snowpack and irrigation water loss with both the projected increasing temperature — up to 10 degrees annually and maybe 12 degrees during the summer — with the reduced summer precipitation suggests devastating problems for agriculture and forestry.

A short memory of recent local events and the trend toward greater drought and wildfire severity and frequency combine to warn all Southern Oregon residents about the threat climate change poses to us and future generations of Southern Oregonians.

Because our atmosphere is being used as a free dump for carbon pollution, we are all paying a tax. Those who generate energy from fossil fuels should pay for using our atmosphere as a dumping ground.

Alan Journet


Classic literature has survived for a reason

Angela Decker's "Quills & Queues" column of Sept. 13 ("Shakespeare rote for kids") reminded me of my own school years when it was routine for English teachers to require memorization of passages from Shakespeare, and of poetry by other "dead guys" (as some smart aleck usually complained). They may be long gone, but those classic writers and their works have survived the test of time for good reason.

I am a 13-year volunteer with The Tudor Guild, which operates The Tudor Guild Gift Shop, on the bricks, across from the Angus Bowmer Theatre. The shop benefits the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and it is the only source of official OSF logo merchandise. It also offers a variety of beautiful and unusual gifts and collectible items.

One of the outstanding features of the shop is the book department, with play scripts and other books related to the theater and, of course, Shakespeare, as well other subjects for adults and children.

Readers of the Tidings may wish to know that the Ken Ludwig book "How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare" has been featured since its publication at The Tudor Guild shop. We invite you to visit soon.

Jeannie Green


Our future demands responsibility now

The poet Wendell Berry has written "It is no doubt impossible to live without thought of the future, hope and vision can live nowhere else. But the only possible guarantee of the future is responsible behaviour in the present."

Responsible behavior includes: maintaining healthy forests, fisheries, soils and protecting our water and air from pollution.

Will our descendents be asking the following: Why did you (ancestor) allow corporations to get you to adopt values that promote short-term gains that destroy the earth's natural renewable resources? Why have you left us to fend on our own?

Today, in the year 2013, if we fail to adopt a reasonable guiding principle of sustainabliltiy, future generations will not thank us for short-term prosperity at their expense.

Louise Shawkat


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