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'Pot sweetener' smacks of corporate manipulation

This is in response to the article regarding the special session our governor is promoting to vote on measures affecting taxes, public-employee pensions, and the regulation of genetically modified crops.

The article said that $140 million dollars will go to our schools, and later it was stated that "Sept. 30 now stands as a turning point for the future of our public schools." Sounds so upbeat. The part about the genetically modified crops, which seems to be an important item that requires a lot of thought and deliberation, has been thrown in "to sweeten the pot for Republicans." Who threw that in? And why? Republicans care about the health of our food supply as much as anyone else.

The GMO issue is, once again, tacked onto another bill which has nothing to do with it. This same thing happened months ago, in Washington, D.C. (and apparently few knew it was even added.).

Other countries have banned genetically modified foods. The businesses that produce them are spending mega-millions of dollars to prevent us from learning about their effects, and to have foods that contain them NOT be labeled.

This is a very important issue. Let's address it, and not tack it onto something like education funding, which is also extremely important.

Kitzhaber agreed to write a letter saying he won't sign any bill, unless he signs them all. So our legislators are tying these issues together — the turning point for the future of our schools and deciding for other counties in Oregon that they can't be GMO-free, unless the whole state is. Is our democracy being manipulated by the interests of big business?

Peggy Elterman


Governor bending to corporate pressure

I am outraged that Gov. Kitzhaber would bend to corporate pressure and sell out the citizens of Oregon.

SB 633 poses a serious threat to the livelihood of local organic farmers, the economy of Oregon as well as sustainable and healthy food sources for all the citizens of this great state. Shame on him.

L. Michael Adams


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