Letters to the Editor

Green is the only color to make Plaza inviting

Stop arguing about the color of the pavers on the Plaza. Just remove some of the gray ones and put grass and bushes back in. Green is the only warm and inviting color.

Joan Spear


Thoughts on returning from a trip to the moon

I recently returned to the area after spending some time on the moon. I can't understand how people all seem to need (and get) the latest Ipad, Iphone, biggest pickup truck, coolest shoes, $1,000 bicycles. It seems endless.

I remember what we need. It's only three things and they are becoming scarce: (1) breathable air, (2) potable water, (3) edible food. The comfort we like but don't even need is some shelter. What happened to our minds?

Merry Shopmas, folks.

Robert Schaaf


A winter recipe for happiness

Warm bed

Hot drink

Bright light

Good book

Carola Lacy


The best defense

The L.A. Times editorial that ran Monday, Dec. 16, in the Daily Tidings,

"Did we let them down?" was shallow, slanted, and morally/intellectually dishonest! Of course, what can be expected of the establishment elite news media, their socialist leanings, and anti-gun agenda? In contrast a credible commentary via www.backwoodshome.com under "Massad Ayoob on Guns: Remembering Newtown" is dated Friday, Dec. 13.

This brings the gun debate into sensible honest focus.

As does www.gunfacts.com. Gunfacts debunks common myths about gun control. It is intended as a reference for journalists, politicians, and anyone interested in restoring honesty to the debate about guns, crime, and the Second Amendment.

So does "Dial 911 and Die!" at www.jpfo.org. This explodes the police protection myth, response time, restraining orders, and much more. Let's take the classic venerable .38 caliber revolver for instance, among handguns: villfied, depised, hated, demonized, and criminalized by the well financed anti-gun lobby!

"Dial 911 and Die!" reminds us there exists no substitute for citizens owning the means to defend their own lives. Even cell phones are no substitute for a good .38 Special.

James Farmer


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