Letters to the Editor

Kiosk proposal: not art-friendly

So just like that, without any citizen input, the Ashland City Council is going to decide whether to remove the kiosk on the Plaza that's been there for 15 years because the "Plaza Beautification Committee" recommended it be taken down. You know, too messy — all those fliers and whatnot.

I really hope they vote to keep it. But if they vote to take it down, at a cost of a few thousand dollars by the way, it will be yet more evidence that Ashland is very art-friendly as long as said art is not loud, inconvenient in any way, and certainly not if it's "messy."

There was also talk of putting it in a glass case and having people submit posters to some city office. Come on, it's a community bulletin board so people can let people know what's going on around town!

So it gets a little messy? So what? It's also highly useful to locals and, I imagine, to tourists as well. If we keep this up we'll end up like Carmel, Calif., where it was literally illegal to sell ice cream cones because they might drip and make the sidewalk sticky.

Gene Burnett


Kiwanis says thanks for car wash support

On Saturday, May 17, Ashland Kiwanis held a car wash to raise funds to help us support many of our children and community projects. Kiwanis sends a big thank you to the general public for letting us wash your cars, trucks and vans, and helping us fund these projects.

We would also like to thank Ashland's Les Schwab for letting us use their parking areas for the car wash, and for providing the water. In addition, we would like to thank the City of Ashland for providing a system to drain the soap suds away from the storm drain and Bear Creek. A "green solution" car wash soap was used.

Lastly, many thanks go to the Lithia Springs Homes for Boys and Girls who each volunteered to help with the car wash. We couldn't have done it without you!

To learn more about Kiwanis, and get involved in its many programs for children and the community, please call 541-488-0532 or visit www.ashlandkiwanis.org.

Ron Parker

Ashland Kiwanis

Another way to counter anti-Muslim hate

In Madihha Ahussain's article (May 17) she writes about how to counter anti-Muslim hate online.

Although she doesn't mention it in her article, another way to counter anti-Muslim hate would be for Islam to stop teaching Muslims to hate Christians and Jews and to stop treating women like slaves. It wouldn't hurt her cause if Muslims were a little less violent against non-Muslims.

Maynard Telpner


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