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Goodman uses lies, distortions in column

Amy Goodman (July 26) is a radical left-wing columnist who has never concealed her hatred for Israel. In fact, she hates Israel so much she writes a column about the Israel-Hamas conflict consisting only of anti-Israel lies and distortions. She must assume her readers are too stupid to wonder about the cause of the hostilities.

If she'd written the history of World War II, she would start with the air raids over Germany and the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan. She would have left out everything that preceded those events.

Maynard Telpner


Israel acts to defend itself against attacks

Ms. Cynthia Zavatski's article on the Israeli "offensive" describing Israel's attempt to defend its people and its home as "a crime against humanity" leads me to ask the following questions:

What would you do if an enemy determined to destroy Oregon dug tunnels to transport thugs and weapons to ascend in your backyard at night to kidnap you or members of your family? What would you do if missiles that tear flesh and concrete alike asunder were to come at you and your neighborhood? What would you do if you lived in a small nation the size of New Jersey surrounded by enemies on all sides and were attacked?

Do not be misled by media that is one-sided in its coverage. Would you not act to protect your land and your family even when the enemy, as Hamas is doing, were to use its own citizens as shields? Would you not do all in your power to destroy the tunnels completely? I think you certainly would!

Israel is not acting for reprisal as you think, but to protect its land and its people. If an enemy attacked America as Hamas is attacking Israel, you bet you would change your opinion in a hurry. Do not be so quick to judge unless you truly take the time to understand what is taking place in Gaza.

Carol Sunahara


How will city enforce vacation rental rules?

Concerning the issue of the city's proposed opening up of R-1 short-term rentals in Ashland which include many new and unique conditions (i.e. one guest party at a time, one rental area within the residence, owner must be present during visitor occupation, one car per visiting party, no kitchen usage, etc.).

Without city enforcement of other more broad conditions, a host of individuals have been operating illegal accommodation businesses for years. In fact, almost as many illegal operators were discovered as there were legal ones. If this new category of STRs is created, there will be a flood of applicants. Once approved and operating by the dozens, and more likely by the hundreds, how will the city ensure compliance?

Without practical enforcement, these newly "legalized" operators will ignore whatever conditions and ordinances that are not convenient for them. As a result the entire traveler's accommodation situation in Ashland will become a free-for-all that will end up in total chaos. At this point when the city finally realizes it's mistake it will be very hard to legally reverse what they have allowed thus creating a perpetual mess that will negatively impact Ashland's residents, property values and the quality of the visitor experience.

Stephen A. Larson


Sunset maple was doomed by 'Plan B'

The original blueprints for the Plaza redesign, "Plan B," presented to the public on June 21, 2012, did not take into consideration the extensive lateral surface root matrix of the sunset maple that has just died on the Plaza. Typically in this region, this variety of maple will send long surface roots out, and produce a shallow tap root. The maple's root lattice is approximately the diameter of the leaf canopy of the tree, just underground, near the surface. If you will go down to the Plaza, you will see the dead leaf canopy projects well outside the concrete seat walls that hem in the maple.

Two park officials have just stated privately that the surface roots of this maple were significantly cut during the construction process, despite warnings to the city administrator against doing this by other city officials. An arborist should be consulted to determine the postmortem forensics of the maple, but it is obvious that extensive hacking of the roots contributed to this maple's demise. Even if this maple had been screened off during construction, as it should have been, Covey's "Plan B" blueprints all but guaranteed that the surface roots would have to be hacked away to make way for the concrete seat walls and pavers. Why wasn't an arborist consulted at the outset?

David Sherr

Petitioners for Restoration of Our Plaza

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