Letters to the Editor January 5

Make better use of community pool

During the open forum session of the Parks and Recreation meeting held on Oct. 26, 2009, a number of community members addressed the commissioners with their concerns regarding the summer operation of the Daniel Meyer pool. Don Robertson, director of Parks and Recreation, acknowledged that perhaps the department had possibly lost touch with the needs of the community.

Don's plan to remedy this situation was to call for a focus group meeting in January, open to the community, to address any and all community issues regarding the operations and programs currently offered during the summer months at Daniel Meyer pool.

At the time of this writing, the focus group meeting has not been announced. If you have any concerns regarding the use of the pool, the schedule of operations or the inclusion of other programs, then perhaps you should plan on attending this meeting.

Personally, my main concern with the operation of the pool is not maximizing its potential use. Until five years ago, the pool opened on Memorial Day weekend. Not so anymore. Due to the later opening date, a major "cost" to the community is the loss of the pool-time program for school-age children during the last two weeks of school. Also, by that time of year, many adult fitness/lap swimmers are eager to swim outdoors following the eight-month period of indoor swimming. There is also a three-week period following Labor Day weekend when the pool could be used before closing for the winter. As a member of the community, I am simply asking Parks and Recreation to make better use of community assets.

Once again, if you have any wishes regarding the use of the pool, please attend the meeting. Call Parks and Recreation to find out when and where: 541-488-5340.

Dan Gray


Seeking justice for Dave Lewis

Dave Lewis would have turned 48 years old last month. But vicious killers saw fit to burn his body and burn his home to the ground, taking his future away, taking a loving father away from his children. This terrible crime remains an open-unsolved homicide. The criminals also burned another cabin and its entire contents that Labor Day night.

It has been 16 months that these murderers have been walking free. There is a $20,000 reward for an arrest and a $5,000 reward for any pertinent tip or information. We feel certain that there are people who know what happened or have information and ideas. We feel certain that law enforcement will make arrests.

Ashland is a beautiful community with wonderful people. We earnestly ask that Dave Lewis' death continue to be remembered until justice is served. No one has the right to take another man's life. We want to see Jackson County kept safe and protected. We want these killers off our streets. We seek justice, because David cannot.

Linda Lewis


Thanks for help with broken water main

Thank you to the City of Ashland crew who came out on a windy, rainy New Year's Eve to repair the broken water main in our neighborhood. They restored our water supply quickly and efficiently.

We appreciate the City of Ashland employees and their commitment to serving our community, not just on New Year's Eve, but every day of the year, as they provide and maintain the infrastructure that helps make Ashland a terrific place to live.

Fayegail and Lance Bisaccia


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