Letters to the editor, July 13

Words describing war are misleading

No less than the economist proclaims on its cover, "Losing Afghanistan." I ask, "When was Afghanistan ours?" Notice: We can not lose that which was never ours in the first place. This sloppy use of language is born of a default propaganda mindset that we are stuck in at our peril.

Then there is "victory" and its stepchild, "defeat." These words can not correctly apply to our so-called "war" in Afghanistan. Our national conversation would serve us far better to remember that. Our groupthink seriously needs to overwrite these words because they delineate a dangerous trap that we are at least half way into right now, arguably as a result of such sloppy stupid language.

Bill Gates recently outlined the "mission" (good word) in Afghanistan, the only trouble being that it would admittedly take 15 years to achieve that "goal" (another good word).

I say bring home these deficit dollars to rebuild our nation, and find better employment for the flower of our youth.

Jerry Nutter


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