Letters to the Editor, July 22

Don't overreact to deer in Ashland

In a recent Tidings letter to the editor, I read with amazement that someone has an opinion that our —… deer population is out of control." Gosh, I wonder where they all are!

I live uphill from Southern Oregon University and I see only two or three deer per day, and sometimes go for days without seeing any. A couple of isolated incidents during fawn season, when does are understandably protective of their fawns, should not push the city into even considering culling its deer by using bow hunters in city limits. I'm sure that the Ashland Chamber of Commerce would not be promoting this activity as a tourist attraction, especially since fawn season occurs at the height of tourist season!

Most Ashlanders enjoy the beauty and grace of Ashland's deer and the sight of their fawns. People who are scared of deer should just use common sense and stay away from them.

Wanda Nelsen


Food Project nets impressive results

In less than one month, on Saturday, Aug. 14, the Ashland Food Project will have another of its bi-monthly community-wide food drives, collecting bright green bags full of nonperishable items and delivering them to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank.

We at the food bank are very appreciative of the extraordinary and ongoing generosity of Ashland Food Project's donors. As you may know, last June's drive brought in more than 18,000 pounds of food to assist those in need in Ashland and Talent.

The number of people seeking food has soared. For example, in June 2010, requests at the Food Bank increased 38 percent from June 2009 and we served close to 1,500 individuals. More households than ever before now rely upon us for an emergency supply of food and to keep their children from going hungry when the month's food stamps run out.

If not for AFP's contributions, the Food Bank would need to cut back on how much food we give each household. Also, we're now able to offer a higher quality and wider selection of food than the Food Bank could or would otherwise purchase.

Ashland Food Project's community volunteer-based food donation collection service has achieved remarkable results for which the Food Bank and our clients are thankful every day.

Liz Cooper

board president

Our common fate

Chris Honore's excellent column is an essential warning about our common fate: When will we ever turn from war and empire and senseless, needless destruction?

There should be daily editorials condemning our sick and self-defeating military madness. Small wonder America is dissolving into bankruptcy, unable to feed its people or educate its children. Our leaders have gone mad.

Gerald Cavanaugh


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