Letters to the editor: July 29

We should make Mexico the 51st state

I think we should add Mexico as the 51st state in the Union. We need their manpower and womanpower. We need their machismo, hard work, family values and piousness. It's ridiculous for Mexicans to be barely scraping by and risking their lives to get over here, while we desperately need workers to add to the Social Security system and to pay taxes and to become productive consumers and to serve in the military. I think adding Mexico to the United States offers a win-win solution to many critical issues facing our country. Also, it might not be politically correct to say so, but I think the Chinese languages should not be taught in our public schools. The Tibetans have had to learn Chinese, and they aren't even allowed to speak Tibetan anymore. They are forbidden to speak their own language. Tibet's fate is our fate, unless we take bold decisive steps toward maintaining our independence. Every day I sigh in relief and gratitude that the billboards along our roads are still not in Chinese. Given the writing on the wall, it seems a veritable wonder.

Patti Morey


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