Letters to the editor, July 6

Deer attacks may be common occurrence

I have a miniature Australian shepherd who is 10 years old. I live in Ashland and took my dog out into our backyard on the morning of July 1. A deer bounded up to him, chased him down and kicked him. When my dog was flipped over the deer began trampling him. Fortunately, we were able to scare the deer off and rescue my dog. I often walk my dog through town and on the trails, but now I'm afraid to even let him out in my backyard.

Are these attacks happening more than we realize? Please warn people that these dangers may not be as random as the couple who were attacked two weeks ago.

Tami J Askren


Pay city employees based on local needs

I am relatively new to Ashland. I was a city councilman in the town I came from for 11 years. Employee compensation came up numerous times.

City employee pay should be set at a level that allows the hiring and retention of qualified employees, period.

What they pay elsewhere is immaterial, unless other munis are poaching our trained people.

The fact is Ashland is a preferred place to work, where people will accept less money in exchange for the lifestyle. Please don't set pay based on other places. Set it according to local needs.

Tony Pippel


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