Letters to the Editor, June 16

Politician sheds light on U.S. pop culture

Am I a minority remnant who feels contemporary pop American culture is obsessed with football, sports and athletics to the extent civic responsibility, voter education, citizen activism and holding our elected officials accountable is neglected? And neglected for vanity and pleasure!

Maybe so. Yet, I would certainly think I'm not the only person who feels this way. Chuck Baldwin, 2008 Constitution Party candidate for U.S. President, feels and thinks so too. In fact, Chuck's latest commentary, titled "America's Bread And Circus Society," for June 8 via www.chuckbaldwinlive.com delves into detail about why our nation (a constitutional republic, not a democracy) is in the moral, spiritual, economic and political shape it is today. This is well worth reading. On the net: The Constitution Party of Oregon via www.constitutionpartyoregon.net

James A. Farmer


Citizens must seek systemic change

Surely you're aware of the anger sweeping the country from both the left and the right — and much of that anger is fueled by the "rule by corporations" and their buying our representatives. Systemic change goes far beyond changing and tightening regulations. I urge you to seek systemic change, including public financing of elections. Enough is enough!

Herbert Long


Commentary ignored facts about Israel

In response to "The Gaza Freedom Flotilla," I cannot help but notice the Daily Tidings' repeated publication of anti-Israel screed without, apparently, doing any fact checking before publishing the item! It was not that long ago that you published "Mideast peace is a global issue," which is not only anti-Israel but appeared in the paper twice in the same week! It is strange that the Daily Tidings does this, in light of the number and variety of editorials and opinions available to your from many reputable sources!

Item: Israel has every right to blockade its ports in the interest of self-defense. What would you do if rockets were repeatedly hurled at your citizens and neighbors from a hostile territory, Gaza, governed by a known terrorist organization? Would yo try to be sure these people were not getting materials to make more rockets or getting weapons?

Item: Israeli commandos boarded the ship after repeated requests for it to stop. Only one ship of the flotilla was boarded! A few days later, an Irish, so-called "humanitarian" vessel was peacefully stopped and boarded: no resistance with sticks, knives and sharpened metal poles, no casualties.

Item: Only after they were attacked by so called "aid folks" did the Israeli soldiers use live ammunition — this in the interest of self-preservation. Would you have allowed yourself to be beaten up?

I could go on and on, but I hope you get the picture.

Paula Barrett


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