Letters to the editor, June 18

City lacks trails for residents with dogs

I agree with the lack of suitable trails or parks for seniors and families with dogs.

As an Ashland resident of more than 30 years and now a senior citizen, I would add my support to the June 7 letter by Stefani Seffinger.

The lack of walking areas in our city parks is a glaring apparent omission. Mountain trails are not suitable for many seniors with physical challenges.

I have out-of-town guests and family visitors who have dogs, with no park to walk them in. Local hotels are now more accommodating to pet owners. The city, however, remains very limited and restrictive for family, visitors and tourists needing a level walking area.

Some city parks, like Portland's, have specific times and designated areas for dogs as part of their park program.

We live in a community in which we all pay for the parks, but only some of us can use them for the purposes we'd like.

I would appreciate the mayor, Parks and Recreation and other city officials to give this matter some serious attention.

Felising Bietz


Farm group shares message on Web site

There's an adage that says one would do better to open their mind before they open their mouth; a movement that is taking place by members of FarmToForkEvents.com is certainly an exception. Opening one's mouth to the flavors of fresh, seasonal, local produce will lead to a mind-opening experience and knowledge that these better food choices not only benefit one's health but also our community and environment. The inaugural dinner on June 5 was a fantastic feast of fresh flavors from local farms and a local rancher. The attendees were a mix of individuals eager to be a part of something beneficial to the community. The event organizers did an outstanding and commendable job. The food was prepared with an artistry that is made even more impressive by the fact that they served us from their outdoor kitchen.

I encourage everyone to get on board and visit the group's Web site, learn its mission and get tickets to an out-of-the-ordinary experience that just feels good on so many levels. Opening your mouth and taking in what our valley provides will open your mind to all of the benefits this mission offers. Join me in supporting local agriculture that in turn supports our community.

Rachel Owings


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