Medical pot measure is a bad idea

I think the greatest weapon in war is propaganda. I was a brainwashed for years until I read a book called "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer. Then I did a little basic research to confirm the facts.

Now I find myself surrounded by ill-informed people who refuse to listen to reason; like supporters of House Bill 3664.

The government has spent a trillion dollars over the past three and a half generations, so now almost everyone is brainwashed to some degree. This is the reason why so few politicians are willing to do the right thing. Why would they put their careers on the line by contradicting the great lie?

As Rush Limbaugh taught us, drug warriors are really only opposed to drugs for everyone else. A combination of hypocrisy, friends in high places and moral superiority has led to the most shameful, intolerant, hypocritical of drug laws.

If we don't come clean about the benefits of medical marijuana, then how do we have credibility when talking about the dangers of cigarettes, alcohol, opioids, meth, cocaine and all manner of synthetic drugs?

American presidents have used marijuana and none of them will talk honestly about it. What does this indicate? A total lack of political courage to reduce the injustice and incalculable harm of our current drug laws.

Great political thinkers like George P. Shultz and William F. Buckley long ago went on the record regarding their disapproval of the drug war. Many misguided conservatives who've been opposed to medical marijuana have an indefensible position to support at this time in history. There are over 20,000 studies on the medical benefits of marijuana — spanning over 40 years.

With nearly half of the population in jail, on probation or parole, how much longer can this go on? If we impose mandatory drug testing on all of those in authority, do we run the risk of imploding the correctional establishment entirely? The United States has more people in jail than any other country in the world!

It's time to move medical marijuana out of the criminal class of drugs. Delivering this revenue stream to the taxpayers instead of to the black market is way overdue. It would take the wind out of the Mexican drug war and defund a large part of the domestic crime syndicates. This is a slam-dunk, no-brain solution that saves money, creates new tax revenue and brings a whole new class of jobs into the light of day.

The War on Drugs has turned law enforcement into a paramilitary mindset that thinks force is the only option. These law enforcers are just as criminal for supporting such barbarian laws. They should know better. I don't see them enforcing jaywalking laws if they believe them pointless. Why is this any different?

Evil has a form. That form is the hypocrisy of drug laws. Smoke pot illegally and hide it from the cops. That's your option. Be a criminal that isn't a criminal. An exemplary criminal. When they violate your rights say "yes sir" and ask for more or suffer the jackboot a.k.a. SWAT.

The first states that begin supporting the medical marijuana and the hemp industries using modern farming techniques will reap a huge windfall. Will Oregon cash in on this wave or be left in the backwaters of hypocrisy? HB 3664 puts Oregon under these waters!

The timber industry in Oregon is dead. Hemp is the answer. Over 70 years of government suppression of information has resulted in virtually no public knowledge of the incredible potential of the hemp fiber or its uses. The supporters of HB 3664 should put their efforts into creating jobs rather than suppressing the freedoms of peaceful people in pain.

Medical marijuana is a far more desirable pain medication containing more anti-inflammatory properties than the medical community can currently supply. Plus we could be growing it at home for free. This is something that powerful pharmaceutical companies just can't stand. Juxtapose that fact with traditional surgical alternatives and we have a huge impact on the health care costs of a generation.

It appears that the last thing you should do is think you are a private citizen who actually has rights protections under the law — you're neither a government agency nor are you a corporation so you don't mean anything. Welcome to modern serfdom.

Remember, government is about control; sometimes control is good, but HB 3664 is not.

R L Tokareff lives in Ashland.

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