One New Year's wish

I have very low self esteem because I know what greatness is.

I look back upon history and read of the revolution that occurred in the first half of our last century. New art forms were burgeoning, our forefathers survived the worst depression ever seen, and the freedom of the world was saved twice. Looking back at what was accomplished, I cannot help but feel insignificant in the shadow of the "Greatest Generation" and the Baby Boomers.

Today's youth cannot escape the inevitability of unoriginality. Whatever idea's we can muster, they seem to have already been done. We can only remix, distort, turn whatever's been done upside down in order to make it not resemble the original.

My generation's biggest struggle is true ingenuity. These days have the mark of decay written all over: political ineptness, vanishing morality, paranoia and distrust of our government, and the feeling of whatever we do is pointless.

I discovered the futility and emptiness of this generation when our country could not make up our minds whether or not we wanted fair elections and when we violated U.N. policy without any real repercussion. These two events threw America into a social turmoil we still have not recovered from. Being content with the hard-earned political activism of the '60s and '70s, we have fallen asleep to the horrors that once moved us to action.

We were once saviors of the western world. We are now its village idiot. We question the possibility of evolution, denounce public health insurance and wave ignorance as our banner.

When did we lose our edge? When did we allow this nation to overexert itself so much we cannot fund libraries and must cut a month off the school year? When did we begin tightening education's budget and give tax breaks to corrupt corporations?

Not only do these times distress me because I am unable to originally act upon the events that happen but I am unable to change or influence these problems. My parents' generation has committed my generation to many ugly consequences: global warming, global hatred, and an unbelievable social, economical, and moral debt.

Debt, war, and brutality have always been around, but we were not afraid of action. While these times are relatively prosperous, this generation often seems bleak as the Depression on a spiritual level. Everyone in this nation feels an unnameable pressure pushing and packing us in. This compression is going to burst very soon, perhaps by the time our new president is sworn into office even. The overturning of the House and Senate signal a shift in the distribution of power and perhaps a shift in the actions of our government. I pray the new year will bring us more hope than the last 10 years has brought to us.

I recently read an article about Barack Obama's supporters. The article did not pretend that Obama was a sinless Christ. Instead, the article examined how Obama's message affects his followers. Many interviewed had a renewed trust in what their government can do for them. Many of them believed the message of hope. Many who were politically inactive are now busy working and supporting their candidate. These people who once had no faith in their government are now working hard for their government. We are finally coming out of our spiritual depression and seeing rampant activism. The times are changing before our eyes and I am excited to see what the new year brings.

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