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Tidings editorial, Dec. 22:

Advancement comes in the stall of progress

R.J. Bullock's high-profile legal and political challenges in Ashland coupled with his mysterious past make him a source of fascination, frustration and curiosity, not to mention a target for those who oppose him.

Obfuscation by any means necessary.

Online responses to Dec. 22 editorial:

The underlying assumption here is that those who champion growth and development are honest and even-handed. The realtors (excuse me, Realtors) and Developers profit from their relentless activism; but some of us must make a living while they prey on our town. Luckily there are activists with the time and resources to represent the rest of us.


Art Bullock is most definately connected ... look no further than to Stromberg, Dimetre and Dawkins on the Planning Commission and to Hartzell, Navikas, and Hardesty on the city council. You KNOW all six votes before every hearing will always align with Bullock's (Lang and Swales). That is fine, but it's not done in a public format which wreaks in this color the same as it does in the Bush Administration. He (Art) is like a domestic terrorist that costs all of us a lot of real money defending our City from his seven current suits!

John Q Public

Saving Ashland from what?

Where does this person's madness support a rational conclussion?

There is a shadow goverment at work in Ashland with the intention to not have a vision, which is a slow and permanent loss of Ashland.

Dennis Polk


Response to Dec. 26 abstinence letter:

I think abstinence only education is bull, but not really the reason (neither is Jamie Lynn Spears) why teen pregnancy is going up.

It's too easy. You get put on welfare the moment you tell DHS you are pregnant, daycares in high schools, an attitude of accepting this behavior (they're just kids, don't make them feel badly!) and not educating teenagers on their choices. Just because you get knocked up doesn't mean you have to have a baby.

Also, too many parents just suck at raising kids.

Zip it


Responses to Dec. 22 card from heaven story

I loved, loved, loved, loved, this story! Thank you Tidings for finding a hidden gem and telling us about it. Michelle Mihalovich, keep up the great work.



Great story! We love your writing style!

Have a Merry Christmas.

Karen and John


What a touching story. This even made the news here in the United Kingdom. Keep up the good work!

Chris Binding

Wales, United Kingdom

What a great idea. I wish I would have thought of it myself, not that I'm planning to pass away anytime soon, being in my thirties.


Osaka, Japan

Thank you so much for not belittling this man and his deeds, you are one of few in today's media who still have a soul.


Seguin, Texas

This story made my Christmas.


San Diego

What an amazing guy and a great story. I think its awesome that people who knew him have commented on this story. What a great guy, you are lucky to have known him and this story totally made my day.

Joe C

Twentynine Palms, CA

Railroad story had error

The Dec. 17 edition of the Tidings got an important date wrong. The story on the new railroad museum refers to the driving of the golden spike that connected the railroad tracks of the Oregon and California Railroad from the north and the Californian and Oregon Railroad from the south. The connection of the two railroad tracks completed a national network and made it possible to travel from Portland to San Francisco in 39 hours. The golden spike joined the two tracks on Dec. 17, 1887, which is 120 years ago. Your story incorrectly gave the date as 1787 and the headline said it happened 220 years ago. In 1787, there were only Native Americans living where Ashland is today. The first pioneers arrived in the Ashland area in 1851.

Kernan Turner

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