Oregon is going back to war

Friday marked the 65th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, an important reminder of the terrors of war and the dangers of the world's hate against America.

It is a reminder unheeded by the same White House that announced last week the largest call-up of Oregon's National Guard since World War II.

Even the Democrats winning control of congress won't help. Oregon is going back to war.

While the mood around the country is decidedly against the war in Iraq, this administration continues to fund and fuel it without pause. While commentators everywhere said the midterm election of 2006 was an anti-war mandate, President Bush responded by sending more troops into the fray. While polls show a nation turned on the two-time president, all of Oregon's National Guard has been alerted to get ready for war.

On the surface the entire thing seems like a tragedy out of ancient Rome, while our emperor, George, son of George, fiddles amid the fire.

But upon reflection, the failure to alter our country's course is not surprising. Instead, it reveals the determined forces behind the scenes to continue, and even escalate, this war.

There is not much local governments can do if our own Congressional delegates can't effectively pressure for a change of course. Some, like the city of Santa Rosa last week, issued a decree calling for the impeachment of the president and his VP.

In Oregon, sentiment grows to encourage our governor to refuse to send our guard, no matter what the backlash.

Perhaps momentum will build in these efforts. Until then, listen carefully to presidential candidates and their thoughts on the war. Listen to a Barrack Obama whose commitment to troop withdraw comes with a proposal to take Pentagon funds to rebuild our education system. Listen for those who speak plainly about a determination to stop funding this trillion dollar disaster.

Because anything less has proven it will continue this war, which will ensure that by early 2009, we will be waving Oregon sons and daughters goodbye, as they return to the hell we've stubbornly created.

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