OSF attempting to attract the younger crowd

Economist Rebecca Reid's research on Ashland tourists shows that the vast majority of Oregon Shakespeare Festival attendees are 45 to 74 years old.

OSF is trying to tap into the young adult demographic with $19.35 ticket deals for ages 19 through 35. Last year, the festival had 300 accounts for people using its "19.35" offers. The number of accounts has now grown to 4,000, said Mallory Pierce, OSF marketing and communications director.

Pierce said OSF is hopeful that by cultivating theatergoers who are age 19 through 35, the festival can get younger people in the habit of going to the theater well into adulthood.

To attract parents, OSF offers information about childcare in its visitors' guide and has family day specials. Children under age 6 are not allowed at plays.

— Vickie Aldous

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